• Overview

    CLOTH HEAD-COVERING, has always been prized as a feminine expression of dignity and modesty. The Este Riste line of head wear was especially designed by women for women to suit the practical and modern fashion needs of the 21st Century woman. The Este Riste is a garment so sublime, so flawless, it could only have been designed and perfected by a whole team of choosy individuals with a whole lot of drive and passion. Each designer added her own special touch to create a classy sophisticated look that coordinates well with any wardrobe, from simple to super elegant. As women who themselves switched to cloth coverings, the team understood the need for a broader range of appropriate options, and spared no effort to create a true crowning glory. No more cloths that don’t quite cut it, or scarves that take time and practice to get just right, the Este Riste provides an easy short cut to cover with class. With a unique 3 part construction, the hardest thing to figure out is which combination to wear. Give yourself six seconds and a mirror and you'll look all dressed up and amazing!


  • Meet Esther Russ

    OWNER & DESIGNER ESTHER RUSS of Spring Valley, NY, began wearing cloth head-coverings in 2014. She was running a health food business while tending to her growing family, and found it pretty challenging (to say the least) finding the time and the expertise to tie scarves. She desperately looked for other head-covering resources that would be super easy and quick to put on, and at the same time, give a polished, professional look. Esther felt it important that her head-covering should be charming and sophisticated, not dowdy and old world. She wanted something she could look forward to wearing, something she could feel comfortable and confident walking around in. The more options Esther tried... sigh! Deep inside she wished the perfect option would just materialize from dreaming alone! The more Esther spoke with friends and colleagues, the more she identified a desperate need for just such a resource. Whenever she met anyone in design or fashion, she shared her drive and passion, and step by step, with team effort, Este Riste was born. Today, Esther's team is busy catering to the growing demand for modern-day head-covering for the modern-day woman.